Privacy Policy

BASIS takes the protection of all personal information very seriously and complies with the Data Protection principles set out in the 1998 Data Protection Act.

BASIS will publish and regularly update a public list of all affiliated projects, research sites, and scientists on the network website:

Personal Information

Of fundamental importance within our data protection system is the security and confidentiality of all participants’ personal information. Personal data will be kept and processed securely and no unauthorised disclosures or transfers will take place to anyone either within or outside the BASIS coordinating centre. Any personal information provided by participants will be added to the BASIS Recruitment Database. The information includes contact details and demographic information, e.g. date of birth. Contact details will enable us to inform potential participants about research projects which they can consider participating in, or to send them information and news about BASIS. The demographic information ensures that we only contact potential participants about projects which they are eligible to take part in. The Database is accessed only by BASIS staff.

If we invite an individual to participate in a specific study we will provide them with the contact details of the researchers so that they may contact them directly. Personal information will not be used for any other purposes and will not be passed on to any other organisations.

Participants may contact us to request that personal data be removed at any time without having to give reasons or without affecting any of their rights.

To ensure that information is kept securely on the BASIS Recruitment Database and at the BASIS coordinating centre, we will store data in locked filing cabinets or on coded, encrypted or password protected computers. BASIS discourages the retention of personal data for longer than they are required.

Personal data will be disposed of in a way that protects the rights and privacy of data subjects. Manual records will be shredded or disposed of as “confidential waste”. Hard drives of redundant PCs will be wiped clean by secure electronic deletion before disposal.

Any videotapes of sessions will be stored in locked filing cabinets within a locked building and separately from any personal data that may allow identification. When the data is no longer required, the videos will be destroyed by use of a robust and secure method.

Data collected through BASIS Affiliated Projects

Data collected during affiliated projects will be coded and anonymised and stored separately from names or personal information. At no time will personal details be stored in the same database as test results. After it is anonymised, data may be accessed by BASIS affiliates only if the data is relevant for the projects they are conducting.

Once anonymised, results of the research may be published in public channels including scientific journals, community publications, and general press. No information that is published will enable  individuals to be identified.