Collaboration and Project Affiliation

New collaborators may apply to join the network through project affiliation. Potential collaborators are encouraged to discuss their proposals with the network at an early stage to ensure the joint value of the work is maximised and unnecessary or redundant preparatory work avoided. Potential collaborators should bear in mind that research which requires the special features of the network participants will be preferred over proposals for research that could satisfactorily be undertaken on other populations. Please note that the degree and level of support that the network can offer is limited by staff levels and not all requests can be granted.

The first step for all new potential collaborators is to outline your proposal by completing a Project Affiliation Form (Word). This form requests information regarding the research question you wish to propose, the participants, the core network measures required (listed in the Network Protocol), any additional data collection required with respect to measures, participant burden, proposed collection methodology, funding for the study and any new measures that would be contributed to our Data Repository.

Please submit your project proposal using the Project Affiliation Form with the CV of the PI by email to:
Once submitted, proposals will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

1. Scientific merit and potential contribution in relation to the strategic aims of the network.
2. Justification for siblings design, i.e., the scientific questions relate specifically to infants at-risk for autism.
3. Feasibility in relation to available network resources and the number of projects affiliated with the network during a given period.
4. Adequate independent scientific peer review (usually organised by the body awarding funding).
5. Secure funding through open competition.
6. Ethical approval from a recognised research ethics committee.

The above criteria will be evaluated on the basis of the following: Criteria 1 and 2 through a brief scientific evaluation by one of the Scientific Board members, or a selected member of the BASIS team, who is not involved in the proposed study. Criterion 3 will be evaluated by the network coordinator. Criteria 4, 5, and 6 will be verified through the information provided in the application.

The time it takes to evaluate proposals varies depending on the scale of the request and whether or not the proposal needs to be discussed at the Scientific Board biannual meeting. The network coordinator will contact the principal investigator with further details within two weeks of receipt of the completed form.

Approved projects need to adhere to the network’s policies on Ethics, Data Sharing, Authorship and Publication. Please see our Policies for further details. Approved projects that have not secured funding by the date of approval by the Scientific Board will be required to provide an annual update on the status of any relevant funding application.

If you have any questions or need clarification please contact the network coordinator: Teodora Gliga at